How to Book an Air Tour over Maui

If you’re in Maui, you’re here for one thing only, well several things actually – to enjoy the water, the beaches, and the landscapes. However, there’s one thing that you have to really try – a flight over Maui with a helicopter, as this is indeed the crowning of the activities that you can do on this island.

Look Online
You certainly have internet access at least at the hotel, so this gives you the possibility to check out local air tour operators that can help you in taking an air tour over the island of Maui. You’ll find at least four or 5, so check out the websites and see all the details.

Ask at the Hotel Reception
Another good thing to do is to talk with someone from the reception of the hotel and ask their recommendation. Being the type of activity that many people choose, they know who the best operator is or which has the lowest prices. However, keep in mind that with a low price comes also a short time, so make your choice wisely.

Give a Call
Once you have more details about at least a few operators, give each of them a call. You can ask several questions on the phone or you can ask for an appointment and find out more details once you get there. The island has a concentrated population so it’s easy to reach the operators.

Once you get there, make sure you ask about safety, security and, of course, pricing. The prices will vary depending on several details – the number of persons, the destination, the length of the air tour and so on. Ask if you’re allowed to take photos or if you have to pay for them, ask about pre-set tours or discounts that they apply. In any case, you can ask anything you want to know, and if you get satisfying answers, choose the one that suits your needs.

You won’t need necessary preparations once you book an air tour. However, make sure you’re not sensitive to heights and overflying, as the helicopter can make pretty movements in the air. Take your photo camera, your friends, and your wallet, and get ready to have a marvelous experience. If you take the tour close to the sunset, you’ll also be able to get amazing shots for your memories.

It’s one of the things that you can’t miss while you’re here, so try it out when you reach Maui!